Welcome to Penis Projects!

Are you still having a "hard" time? Know the ED causes now!

Penis Projects is the WordPress site of Penisprojects.com, a website dedicated to educate men about erectile dysfunction and what they can do to deal with it.

Though discussing impotence and the health and social issues that surround it are most often considered taboo in our society, many medical experts realize that the number of men experiencing this dilemma is in actuality quite high. As mentioned by an article published by Cleveland Clinic, 40 percent of males, once they reach the age of 40, experience impotence once in a while. And once they reach the age of 70, almost all of them become afflicted with this health problem.

Nevertheless, men are not the only ones affected by erectile dysfunction. Their partners receive their fair share too. Erection problems coupled with poor communication between both parties oftentimes lead to disastrous relationships, wrecked ego, and crushed self confidence.

In this blog, we are going to have a well-rounded discussion of erectile dysfunction, not just its medical implications. We hope that through our little way, more men can get to know what erectile dysfunction is really all about and learn how to deal with it head-on.

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