ED Disease: A Man’s Nightmare

Are you avoiding women simply because you have  erectile problems? Is erectile dysfunction or impotence, stressing you out? ED disease isn’t a recent disorder. It has existed for ages. Yet its only now that everybody have come to be more knowledgeable with it.

Impotence is more of an emotionally charged problem than just a bodily problem for males. Male impotence is known as ED disease. In simple terms, this refers to the recurring incapability of men to obtain or sustain erection throughout the sexual intercourse to obtain sex gratification.

Penile erection takes a precise string of happenings, and the moment one sequence is disrupted it leads to dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction frequently develops as a consequence of damage of neural system, arterial blood vessels or smooth muscle tissue. Flawed chosen lifestyle pattern such as using cigarettes, obesity, too much consumption of spirits, avoiding physical exercise may also pave the way for ED.


Sensory or mind impulse or both initiates penile erection. The brain and local nerve fibers send signals which lead the muscular tissues of the corpora cavernosa to loosen up, enabling blood to circulate in and seal the spaces. The blood creates pressure in the corpora cavernosa, as a result expanding the penis. The tunica albuginea assists lock in blood in the corpora cavernosa, and as a consequence sustaining penile erection.

Male erectile dysfunction indicators can be seen as:

  • Inability to experience an appropriate positive reaction during sex activity or and maybe even during masturbation
  • Inability to keep penile erection rigid enough for sexual intercourse
  • Incapability to maintain an penile erection long enough for sexual intimacy

Physiological factors such as vascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and many more are major causes of erectile dysfunction. Apart from physiological issues, psychological and mental elements such as stress, panic and anxiety, guilt can also lead to erection disorder. In fact psychological factors amplify the physical factors.

As per the clinical trials Erectile dysfunction generally develops among men above or in the age group of 40-65. Never the less, it should not be regarded as an inescapable part of getting old.

Erection problem can be taken care of at any age. With the evolution of medical knowledge, medications have improved in order to treat erection dysfunction effectively. Although, these medications may vary from individual to individual.

The market is bombarded with a array erection disorder medication such as Cialis, Viagra, Levitra. These kind of drug treatments work on the similar principle, to enhance the blood circulation into the penis and as a consequence sexually motivate men and leading to an erection. The best part is that all these drugs are Food and drug administration accepted oral prescription. A prior visit with a physician is encouraged.

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